Our Company

LOGMET LLC has over 400 employees working in over eight states.  Our enterprise accounting system is DCAA certified and web-based.  LOGMET LLC has achieved the highest Contractor Performance Assessment Ratings of exception.  As they say is Texas – Howdy!

Our Services

LOGMET LLC has performs a myriad of logistics services designed around providing superior quality services, these include nut not limited to:  Passenger Services, Cargo Services, Traffic Management Office, Fuels, Vehicle Operations, Shuttle, Taxi, Postal, Warehousing, Air Traffic Control, Transient Alert, Aircraft Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Operators, Sheet Metal, Life Support, Pilots, Avionics, AutoCad, Mechanical Engineering, Chem/Tool Crib…and more!

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LOGMET LLC is driven by not only taking care of the customer but each and every one of our employees.  Together as one team we want to be your Service Provider of choice.

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Corporate Headquarters

9600 Great Hills Trail,Suite 150W
Austin, Texas 78759

+1 (888)-765-1154